A Rebirth

A Rebirth

Well, I’m finally back online via my personal website. It took me what – almost 7 years since my last personal post?

One of the impetus for this is my desire to find another avenue to connect. Facebook as a company has been disappointing. Let’s just say I disagree with the policies of The Zuckold, especially with what’s allowed and what’s not, and how there’s a double standard when they apply those policies.

And let’s not forget all the breaches – even after the Cambridge Analytica fiasco. Did they not learn their lesson? The continued breaches show they care more about the business than the social aspects that The Zuckold first espoused in the early days.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter used to have a double standard with TOS (Terms of Service) violations, but I’m glad they’re growing a pair of late applying that standard now. You’ll find me there more nowadays, a huge change from having a mostly silent presence.

Honestly, it’s hard to quit Facebook completely, considering that it’s the best way to connect with people around the world. Most of my family friends all over the world are there and Facebook is the primary means of catching up with each other.

I am looking for alternatives to Facebook in the meantime. I don’t think I’ll deactivate my Facebook accounts (Instagram, WhatsApp), but I’ll use them less in the meantime.

So if you’re inclined to keep up with me, feel free to visit my blog often, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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