Christmas Eve Cocktail Happy Hour

Divine Christmas Record

Thanks for joining the party! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Howdy, everyone! Here are instructions to join the cocktail party. Please read the instructions first, before clicking on the link below.


Howdy, everyone! Here are instructions to join the cocktail part. Please read the instructions first, before clicking on the link below. This is a new platform called Kumo Space, which mimics a live event space, virtually.

By the way, the images are clickable. You will see a larger, clearer version.

Step 1: Create your account

Kumo Space Account Creation

When you click on the invitation link below, Kumo Space will ask you to create an account.

Step 2: Provide an email

Provide Email Page

You can enter an email to create an account (or connect it to your Google account)

Step 3: Provide a name and password

Name and Password Entry Page

Provide a name and password to create your account.

Step 4: Verify your camera & mic

Camera and Mic Check Page

Check to make sure you connect the right camera and mic that Kumo Space will use. Then click on the Join button.

Step 5: Choose Holidays Room

Kumo Space Available Rooms

You will be taken to a room selection page. Before exploring each areas of my virtual house, please click on the Holidays room, where I will meet you at the front door.

Step 6: Welcoming You

Welcome Lobby Pic

I’ll be waiting in front of the door when you enter. You can stop here, or continue below to find out more about Kumo Space, and how to navigate to all the rooms.

Joining the party:

The party is now over. 🙂

If you want to know about how to interact in Kumo Space, check out some more information below.

Using Kumo Space

Here are a few more details about Kumo Space. It’s just like a real space, except virtual

Zoom In/Out

Zoomed Out View

Using your mouse scroll wheel, you can zoom in or out to see less (up close) or more (higher view) of the room. Use pinching if you’re on a table or phone.


Room Map View

Clicking on the Map button on the toolbar below brings up a map of the entire room. You will be able to see your position in the room, as well as where other people are in the room.

Who can hear me? Who can I converse with?

Audio Range Marker

Kumo Space uses spatial sound – meaning, if you’re closer to someone, you hear them loud and clear. As you move away, the other person’s voice drops off, until you no longer can hear them. You can click on the Range menu item at the bottom of the tool bar to see how far your voice carries (or how far you can hear others).

Who can I chat with?


Clicking on the Chat button brings up a window on the right side. Chat can either be to everyone, or to someone specific. Click on the Send To menu item to choose if you want to send a message to everyone in the room, or just a person.


Who else is in the room?

People in Room

Clicking on the People menu item in the toolbar (or People tab when the chat window is open) allows you to see who’s in this room.


People in Room

Clicking on the Settings menu item in the toolbar (or Settings tab when the chat window is open) allows you to modify settings, like your camera, for example.

Moving around the room

Moving Around

Just click on a spot in the room, use the arrow keys (or use your finger if you’re on a tablet or phone) to move about the room.

Going to Another Room or Exiting

Zoomed Out View

To go to another room, just head out to where you entered, and then click on Leave Space.

Room Selection or Exit

Room Selection or Exit

Once you leave the space you were in, you will be presented with an option to go to other rooms fo the house. Just click on the room you want to explore to enter it.

Or you can click on Exit to leave the party.

Sample: The Pool Deck

Pool Deck

Here’s me lounging in the pool!